Privacy strategy

This privacy policy sets out the rules for the collection, use, maintenance and disclosure of user data on Any relation of this strategy to any other Internet resources, users of these sites will be notified as quickly as possible.

Personal data for identification

There are several ways to obtain user data, including filling out a questionnaire when visiting our web resource. There are other types of identification during the operation of our web platform. The site visitor may be asked for his name, surname and contact information. However, they can avoid this by visiting our resource. Thus, any user data is provided to the site administration exclusively voluntarily. Visitors have the right not to identify themselves when visiting our resource, but this may deprive them of access to a number of services we provide.

Non-personal data

On our site, it is possible to collect non-personal data to identify visitors when they interact with this Internet resource. We are talking about the model of the viewer, the type of user gadget and its software, the way to access the Internet, information about providers, and the like.

Cookies arising from the operation of the browser

This website has the right to process cookies in order to obtain information about site visitors provided for by this strategy. The viewer places such information on hard media to keep track of visitors and, in some cases, collect their data. A visitor to our site by setting his viewer can prevent the receipt of cookies by us, but the correct functioning of this web resource is not always possible.

Why do we need the received data about visitors to our site

Our site may collect data about visitors for use in various cases.

For the correct operation of our site and the correct display of the information on this site.

In order to better serve the users of this site. Thanks to the collected data, we get the opportunity to improve the work of the site administration and technical support service.

To optimize our web resource, as well as to improve the quality of our products and information support for users.

For correct and quick feedback from users. To do this, we may need the email addresses of visitors to our site who wish to voluntarily share such information.

User data protection

The collection, storage and use of information provided by visitors to our site are carried out in extremely safe ways, preventing third-party access in any situations not provided for by applicable law. The information we receive about identity, transactions, contact details, passwords, etc. cannot be obtained, made public or destroyed by any outsider.

Handling user data

We do not sell user data. The exchange of such data and their transfer for temporary use are also not allowed by us. However, it is possible to transfer generalized, aggregated data of a demographic nature for use by legal entities that are our partners. This information does not have any connection with personal data about visitors to our site.

We comply with juvenile privacy laws

We fully comply with this law, paying particular attention to those of its provisions that apply to children under the age of 13. Our website does not use any methods that attract children of this age category. We also do not in any way encourage our users and business partners to attract minors to our website.

Potential changes to privacy strategy

The site may update or change this privacy policy at any time. Registered users of the site will be notified of any such change or addition by email. We also recommend that users regularly review our site for such changes and additions.

User consent

The fact that you are a user of our website is considered your acceptance of this privacy policy. If you disagree with at least one of the points of this strategy, please leave our site.


For any questions related to the above privacy strategy, you can contact the administration of our site. We will answer all your questions regarding this strategy as quickly as we can.